Our fleet

Special loads require special vehicles with their own requirement profile for permissible total weight, height and manoeuvrability with unusual lengths or widths. In dialogue with customers and vehicle manufacturers, we are constantly developing our vehicles and vehicle technology. “Heavier, longer, higher and wider” is what we put into practice every day for the benefit of our customers.

With 32 tractor units from 4×2 to 8×4 and 50 trailers of various types, we are well positioned to meet a wide range of customer requirements. It is a matter of course for our company that we constantly invest in optimising our equipment to meet new requirements. We are a freight company.







individual transport solutions

The following trailers or special vehicles are currently available for you for individual transport solutions:

  • 32 tractor units
  • 50 trailers
  • 12 trailer
  • 6 inloaders
  • 55 axle lines
  • 10 wind tower adapters
  • 6 telescopic rotor blade saddles